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Charcoal Facewash | 100 ml

Charcoal Facewash | 100 ml

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Glowever Charcoal FaceWash reigns as your ultimate BFF for achieving pristine, blemish-

free skin. This best charcoal face wash enriched with detoxifying activated charcoal, soothing aloe, and clarifying neem works its magic swiftly.

A few circular rubs and rinses unveil a complexion so fresh and clean, thanks to its prowess in eliminating pore-clogging impurities. Step away from ordinary drugstore scrubs and embrace the charcoal queen for a royal skincare treatment.

Glowever Charcoal Face Wash is not just a product; it's your go-to for the best charcoal facewash benefits. Your skin deserves this regal indulgence.


FAQ: Glowever Charcoal Facewash

Q: Is charcoal face wash good for pimples?

A: Yes, charcoal face wash is excellent for pimples. Its powerful absorbent properties drawout impurities, excess oil, and toxins, preventing breakouts. Regular use can contribute to the reduction in pimple occurrences.


Q: Will this facewash strip my skin of its natural oils?

A: Despite the purifying action of activated charcoal, this face wash is best suited for oily skin.It incorporates aloe vera and neem extract for a soothing, moisturizing effect. If you have drier skin, complement it with a hydrating moisturizer. Begin with 2-3 uses per week, adjusting based on your skin's response.


Q: Can I use this face wash daily?

A: To start with, use 2-3 times a week for the first week or two, then gradually build up to daily use if your skin tolerates it well. Make sure to moisturize daily to keep your skin balanced. Discontinue use if any irritation occurs.

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